Fitafforlife encompasses ones entire well-being. It exists for those who are in pursuit of Superior Health, Longevity, and a Bad Ass Body!
Becoming super human is no easy task, it is no endeavor for the weak, but for the strong, dedicated and committed!
No doubt the intricacies of fitness and health can be tedious to say the least. There’s so much information out there to scour through. But Fitafforlife is here to simplify, encourage, and slap you with straight truth and knowledge to help you better your life and fitness goals at maximum capacity.
Yes, it is hard. No, there aren’t any shortcuts. We are about DOING! You could know everything in the world about the science, but without dedicated, persistent application, zero results will be made.
I can’t tell you that the same thing will work for everyone, or that there’s a perfect program for everyone, because there’s not. My philosophy embraces the fact that people are diverse, as well as have different ambitions. I am here to devote my time, knowledge and experience to helping you attain the physique and adopt the lifestyle you’re striving for that is sustainable to your individual goals.
I myself have been far too acquainted with unhealthy habits and being held prisoner by food, dieting and exercise; it is no way to live and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. I find it imperative for all humans to find a peaceful balance between their overall health and happiness.
So let’s set forth and begin this amazing fitness journey together. And as I like to say.....FIT THE F*CK UP!!!